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Regulated Brokers UK: A Top Option Review

As one of the biggest binary options platforms in the world right now, Top Option is attracting a lot of attention. It is benefiting from the rise in popularity that binary options are experiencing, with more new members jumping on this platform than any other. In this article we’ll discuss Top Option and will expose just why it is so popular with traders across Europe and elsewhere.


Top Option is based in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. This is also where they are regulated by CySEC, the same group that regulates the Cyprus Stock Exchange. Top Option is actually owned by a larger financial company, and one that has its hand in several Forex and Binary options platforms, all of which operate under the strictest regulations.

Are US Players Allowed on Top Option?

The simple answer to this is no. There is a longer and more complicated answer, but that is also no. Simply put, the regulation involved in running a legitimate binary options platform is much different to the regulations involved in running an online gambling company. Therefore, it isn’t necessarily about legality, and has more to do with time and paperwork. Although the law, and the fact that no online markets that exchange money are allowed an easy go of things in the US, also plays a part.

Are UK Players Allowed on Top Option?

Of course. Whilst Top Option is based in Cyprus, the majority of its customers have always come from the United Kingdom. It is also popular in other EU countries, where many regulatory agencies keep a close eye on it, as they are wont to do. Top Option works in a number of currencies, including EURO and GBP, along with USD, CAD and JPY.

Banking Options

There is a minimum deposit level of just $100 on Top Option, which makes it one of the lowest minimum deposit platforms in the world. This is still out of reach for some, but typically the deposits on binary option platforms exceed $1,000 and many companies have a minimum limit that is even higher than that. Many other sites have a withdrawal limit of $100, and some go even higher than that, but there is no such restriction on Top Option, which is huge benefit to those traders who don’t have a lot of money to play around with.

When it comes to getting money in and out of your Top Option account, there are many different options available to you. The main ones are credit cards and debit cards, which can be used for both depositing and withdrawing. You can also use a number of web wallets, and if you prefer, Top Option will also facilitate a transfer from your bank or checking account.


One of the main selling points of Top Option is that it was created to appeal to both novice and experienced traders. The world of binary options has always been a daunting one for first-time traders and we have spoken to countless aspiring traders who have opened an account somewhere and have deposited money in hope, only to see the actual platform and to turn back, withdrawing that money and never returning. If you don’t know what you’re doing, then it can be an intimidating environment.

That’s why Top Option created their software to appeal to newcomers, helping to keep those runaway newbies on the platform and ensuring that they at least stay to trade for a short while. Top Option is beautifully laid out to make everything simple, and once you’re gotten over the initial uncertainty that comes with everything new, you’ll be trading alike a professional in no time.

Despite being aimed towards the novice traders, Top Option also has more than enough going on to keep the experienced trader happy as well. Here at Regulated Broker there are traders of all levels, and many of us began on Top Option and continue to use it to this day. I personally began on another platform and was trading for a couple of years before I was introduced to Top Option, but as soon as it came to my attention I joined up and I have been trading there ever since. I consider myself to be well versed in binary options and I love this site, so I’m sure all other experienced traders will as well.


Top Option is web-based, which means that you access it through your browser and through the Top Option website, as opposed to any downloadable software. Despite this, there are no issues with lag and the platform runs smoothly at all times. This also allows for increased security, and we have yet to hear of anyone having any issues in that regard.

The many options on the Top Option platform include One Touch, which lets you move quickly and act upon news as soon as it is released; Pro Option, which helps experienced traders like myself make better use of the platform; and Option Builder, where you can steadily build an impressive portfolio. There are also High/Low and 60 Second features, along with Insurance and a long list of others. Simply put, there is more going on here than on any other binary options platform, yet it doesn’t look too cluttered and all of these features don’t get in the way.

You can trade everything from stocks and currencies to commodities and more on Top Option, with shares including Apple, HSBC, Tesco, Amazon, Gazprom, Google, IBM; currency pairs including USD/CHF, USD/CAD, EUR/GBP and GBP/USD; Indices including CAC, DOW, DUBAI, FTSE 100 and NASDAQ; and much more.


There is nothing not to like about Top Option. That’s why it is one of the leading platforms in this industry and why it continues to grow as binary options become more and more popular. It is the ideal choice for novice traders who have yet to step foot into the world of binary options and for experienced traders who know all there is to know.

If you want to trade on the best and most trusted site out there, then look no further than Top Option,

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