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Regulated Broker is dedicated to keeping readers in the United Kingdom up-to-date with the latest news on the stocks, binary and commodity markets, with advice, news, reviews and so much more. It does not sell a product or a service and operates exclusively as an affiliate website, as the terms listed on this page describe in more detail.

On this page the words “we” and “us” refer to Regulated Broker and its owners, whereas the terms “you” and “your” refer to the readers of the Regulated Broker website.

General Terms

As mentioned above, at Regulated Broker we do not sell anything directly, but rather we link to websites that do. The majority of these are affiliate sites, and all of them have been verified by us. In fact, many of the sites that we recommend are also used by us on a daily basis, which is why we are so confident about recommending them, and why we are able to write articles on how to get the most out of them.

As we do not sell anything ourselves, we do not request any financial details from any of our users. If you see such a request, then you are not on the Regulated Broker site. You should therefore ensure that you check the terms and conditions of the site you are on, even if it is one of our affiliates. Although we do not request or use financial details, we may request personal details on some areas of our site. This include contact forms, newsletter subscriptions and competition entries. We will never request your personal details without a specific use, and we will never use them without your express permission. In the event that you contact us to ask a question or make a suggestion, your details will not be retained or used, and if you wish to stop receiving newsletter subscriptions after you have requested them, then you will be allowed to unsubscribe quickly and easily. More details on these terms, and on other privacy policies concerning Regulated Broker and its users, can be found in our privacy policy.

We do our best at Regulated Broker to make sure that all of the content we provide is accurate and up to date, but we cycle through a lot of content and we have to keep our eye on many things, so it is difficult for us to be 100% accurate all of the time. In such cases we can accept no responsibility for anything that happens as a result of false or outdated information. We will try to limit this though and generally we have no complaints.

Copyright Information

At Regulated Broker we take pride in our work. We make sure that all of the content we provide is 100% original. We trust the many writers that work for us and they know our requirements for 100% original content, but we still run all of our articles through Copyscape and other plagiarism detecters before they are published. This ensures that we provide only the best and most original content. As we treat the work of others with respect, we ask that our readers do the same to our work. Everything on the Regulated Broker website is owned by Regulated Broker and its authors, and in the event that anyone else uses this content, then we will take legal action. We regularly check to see if our content is being used elsewhere, and will report such use immediately.

Although we also have designers who create original images and more for us, there are times when we use images from elsewhere. In such instances we either use royalty-free stock image sites, whereby we pay for the images we use, or we use public domain images. No one wishing to use images on our website should assume they are public domain though, as many are not, and we ask that they treat these images with the same respect as our written content.


Regulated Broker is an affiliate website. There are many costs incurred with running this website, including hosting and domain fees, but mainly writer’s fees, so we try to recoup some of this money by linking to the best sites in this industry. These include Forex platforms, loan companies, trading companies and more. We do not do this for profit as our returns are very low and we never sell out, which is to say that we only link to the best and most trusted websites, and never “force” these adverts on our readers. Providing unique and worthwhile content has always been our main goal, and we will not let the lure of money get in the way of that.

Although we do our best to verify the websites that we affiliate with, and in most cases we are members ourselves or have used them before, we can not be seen as endorsing these websites. Not everyone will have the same experience, and although our personal experience with all of them was positive, we can’t guarantee the same with all of our readers and can therefore not be held responsible when it does not work out.

Changes and Consent

By reading the terms listed on this page, and continuing to us this website, you are automatically agreeing to the terms listed here. If you do not agree with one or more of these terms then you are advised to close the Regulated Broker website immediately.

There may come a time when we change these terms. If we do, and if those changes are minor, then they will be made immediately and without warning. If they are not minor, however, and if they effect the way that people use and enjoy our website, then we will try to warn readers in advance. We will do this via emails, if we have your email address, and via a posting on the main page or pages of the Regulated Broker website. In any event, once the changes have been made, you are agreeing to them by continuing to use this website.

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