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The terms listed on this page concern Regulated Broker and its readers, namely the privacy of said readers. As discussed below, the privacy of its readers is of upmost importance to Regulated Broker, who do their best to ensure that all information, when taken, is stored safely and is not passed on to any third party through any means whatsoever.

In this policy the terms “we” and “us” refer to Regulated Broker and its writers, owners and creators, whereas the terms “your” and “you” refer to the readers of the Regulated Broker website.

Your Information

As mentioned above, your information is of great importance to us, and we do our best to ensure that it is kept safely at all times. In fact, there are very few times in which we will even request your information, so most of the time we keep your details safe by not taking them in the first place. This is because Regulated Broker is a content website only, designed to inform and to educate, and not to sell a product or a service.

There are a few times when we may request personal information though, whether they exist on the website as it stands now, or whether they will be introduced at a later date. This includes Contact Forms, which are created by a third-party and give readers a chance to contact us without emailing us directly. That third-party will not keep your details and will pass everything on to us. Such forms will request that you supply a name and an email address, so that we can use the latter to respond to your question/suggestion (if necessary) and the form to personalise our response.

Other occasions in which we might request minor personal details from you include newsletter subscriptions. Again, these will be operated by a third-party, whose role is to supply us with the software needed to collect lists of email addresses and to send them periodic emails. That third-party will not be privy to your information and will trust all of it to us. We will not send newsletters to anyone that does that specifically request them, and subscribers will always have the opportunity to cancel those subscriptions should they no longer wish to receive emails from us.

We will keep that information safe at all times and will not sell it on. We may also request email addresses, names and maybe some other minor personal details for competitions, but as with the newsletters, you will not be entered without you requesting it personally, and all details will be kept safe and secure.

Other information that might be supplied to us, include IP address, which may be submitted along with Contact Forms. These are recorded automatically and are of no use to us so will not be stored. Analytics are also are used in the form of Google Analytics, which are common across the internet. These take note of everything from the most common web browsers that our readers use, to their rough geolocation and more. Such details are only gathered so we can better understand who is using our website and how they are getting here, and they do not point to a specific user. Which is to say that we can not link these details to a particular email address, name or exact location, even if we wanted to.


A cookie provides a connection between your computer and the website that you are visiting. These are used across the internet and are the reason that sites will recognise you when you visit them regularly, and why passwords, usernames, search terms and more are stored. Cookies also do other things, all of which are aimed at increasing user enjoyment of a given website.

At Regulated Broker we do use cookies, as we believe they are essential for content-heavy websites such as ours, telling readers which articles they have already read, which pages they have already visited, and which ones they have not.


Regulated Broker makes money by linking to affiliates, which means that websites pay us to link to their products and services. We have carefully selected only the best, most established and most trusted websites to link to, making sure that our readers have the best possible experience. These websites all have their own privacy policies so you are advised to read those once you click-through to an affiliate website, as the policies here do not apply anywhere else.


Regulated Broker may change the terms listed on this privacy policy at anytime, and may do so without warning. In the event that those changes are big and effect the way that readers use our website, then we will do our best to announce such changes in advance. This may come in the form of emails, if we have your email address, or as a message on one or more of the main pages of our website. Such big changes are unlikely though, but minor changes may not be. In this case, the changes will be made immediately and without warning.

By continuing to use this website after those alterations have been made then you are automatically agreeing to those changes, whatever they may be, just as you are automatically agreeing to everything written on this page through the act of reading it. If you do not agree with one or more of these terms, then you are advised to close down this page and to leave the Regulated Broker website.


If you wish to contact Regulated Broker to discuss the terms described on this page, or to discuss anything about the Regulated Broker website on the whole, then we would love to hear from you. You contact us by visiting the Contact Us page. We read all of the correspondence that is sent to us and although we can not guarantee an immediate response, we will try our best to respond to all questions within 24 hours. In some cases it may take longer though, so we ask that you wait for 72 hours.

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