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Old School 80s and 90s Trends That Still Make Good Money

Old School Trends

Some trends come and go, but others refuse to leave. We hang on for nostalgia sake and in some cases these trends continue to improve and develop, even though we are not always aware of it. Here is a short list of trends that were big in the 80s and 90s that have remained popular, even though many of you might have thought they were long gone.

Tenpin Bowling

Thanks to brands like Feel Like Strike, Hollywood Bowl and countless others, the sport of Tenpin Bowling is alive and well in 2017. This sport has had a few heydays, exploding in the 70s and 80s and maintaining popularity in the 90s thanks to films like Kingpin and the fact that Tenpin Bowling seemed to be depicted on every TV show at the time.

But it hasn’t gone away in that time. It is still a popular pastime for teenagers in the United States, even in the digital age. And in the UK and may other countries it is returning to the highs that it experienced in the 1990s. In fact, several major Tenpin Bowling chains are launching themselves on the London Stock Exchange and doing very well. The chain Tenpin recently launched and they are following on from success experience by the likes of Hollywood Bowl.


You might have thought that SodaStream was just something that was popular in the 70s an 80s and that died away shortly afterwards. You might know it as a very recent trend. In truth, it all depends on where you live. In the US, this is very much the age of the SodaStream, as the new healthier direction of the machine has worked very well there. In the UK, it was huge in the 80s and somewhat big in the 90s, but faded fast after they did away with their Coke and other “pop” flavors and made it all about water.

In Sweden it is also huge right now, with 1 in 5 homes said to have one. But like the UK, there are many countries that see this as a has-been, something that was big once and is no longer. The irony is that because it has done well in the US, which is a huge market, it is actually bigger now than it was in its apparent heyday in the 1980s.

Card Games

Everything is online these days and you could be forgiven for thinking that mobile games and Facebook games have killed the trend for tabletop gaming and card games. But that’s far from the case. Thanks to a hint of nostalgia and a fatigue for the digital way of doing things, there has been a resurgence in board games. Games like Magic the Gathering, Pokemon and many others are as popular as they have always been and in some areas they are growing. Players are not turning to online versions like Hearthstone as a replacement, but as an accompaniment and in some cases Hearthstone is introducing new players to the genre and they are then moving onto games like MTG.

You can now join board game tournaments around the world, with Monopoly, Scrabble and many others enticing players with prizes in the millions.


Not as “old-school” as some of the others on this list, it’s still something that you could be forgiven for thinking was past it. After all, virtual war is something that has been mastered by developers like Infinity Ward in games like Call of Duty and something that has already made the switch into virtual reality.

But paintball guns are also getting better and new tech is being introduced that can turn this pastime into something more resembling a game like CoD. There are heads-up displays, “kill” counters and more. In other words, it is thriving not in spite of games like CoD but because of them.

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