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Niue Coins (Silver Coins with Pokemon, Star Wars, Star Trek and Other Designs)


If you’re an avid silver coin collector like we are, then there’s a good chance you will have come across silver coins from Niue. These coins are produced by the New Zealand Mint for the small sovereign state of Niue. However, you won’t find them in the pockets of Niue citizens and will instead find them in the display cabinets and safes of numismatists around the world.

In this guide we’ll cover all of the following most commonly asked questions about Niue and Niue silver coins:

  • What are Niue Coins?
  • Where Can I Find Niue Coins?
  • How to Buy Niue Coins?
  • Why are Niue Coins so Expensive?

Niue Coins: The Basics

Niue have been issuing coins since 1966. These coins are classed as legal tender, but the coins are not found in circulation. These coins have always been created with the coin investor and the coin collector in mind. This means that the coins carry all of the benefits that being legal tender brings, including the stamp of approval from the New Zealand Mint (besides “taste tester” working at Chipotle, this has to be the best place to work) and the high standards required by all mints.

The New Zealand Mint is actually a privately owned company, and one that primarily mints for the private market. Although they create coins that are legal tender in Niue, they don’t create legal tender coins in New Zealand. All coins minted in NZ are actually created for the Reserve Bank of New Zealand by both the Royal Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint.

Now that we have the basics out of the way, let’s focus on the things you’re really interested in. Just what Niue silver coins are currently on the market, and do these have any benefits for the investor?

Niue Silver Coins: The Collections

There are many great collections of Niue coins, with more being released all of the time. Below you will find a selection of the Niue silver proofs we deem to be the best, focusing on the ones that have the best design, as well as those likely to fetch the highest sum further down the line.

Niue Disney Coins

These coins come with their own fancy cases and their own perspex frame. The coin is still perfectly accessible through that frame, so don’t worry, you can still hold and examine your coin when you first receive it.

We know that many investors were put off buying these Niue Disney coins when they were first released because they didn’t think they would be able to check that the silver was real. But that’s not the case.

There are actually many different Niue Disney coins. Our favorite is a 2014 collection of 1oz colorized silver coins. They include an iconic Disney character (Pluto, Mickey Mouse and Minnie mouse included) in front of a superimposed film reel and alongside their name. They are beautiful and are a perfect representation of what makes Niue so special.

Niue Star Wars Coins

The Niue Star Wars coins were always going to appeal to fans of this popular science fiction film franchise. It was a guarantee. There are actually many different Star Wars silver coins in the Niue collection. These include 2 dollar silver Obi-Wan silver coins and 2 dollar Han Solo silver coins. Not always as colorful or as grand as some of the other collections, the Niue Star Wars coins are still worth a look.

Niue Star Trek Coin

Just like Star Wars, Star Trek has a huge following and they were a readymade fanbase for the Niue Star Trek silver coins. These coins don’t number as highly as the Star Wars coins and they are not as pretty or as collectible as the Disney ones. but it seems to be a brand that the New Zealand Mint are keen to expand on and one we will likely see a lot more of.

Niue Pokemon Coin

The Niue Pokemon coin is actually fairly bland when compared to the coins above. You might think that this was cerated to coincide with the resurgence this game experienced following Pokemon Go. But it was actually minted back in 2001. It is also available in copper-nickel and there are several different designs.

Other Niue Silver Coins

There are many other top Niue proof coins that have caught our eye, coins that we think are both a sound investment and will look great in any collection. Some of the picks of the rest include:

  • Niue Disney Princess Coins: This collection is very similar to the Niue Disney collection mentioned above. The difference is that the focus is entirely on Disney Princesses.
  • Niue Avengers Coins: This is a 5 piece set that was first released in 2015 and contains all of the hallmarks of a classic Niue coin collection. Each coin is a different member of the super hero team.
  • Frozen Niue Coins: Created in 2016, these 2 dollar coins jumped on the bandwagon and latched onto the success of this animated film.

Are Niue Coins Any Good for Investors?

This is not an easy question to answer. As our regular readers know, we make a habit of providing honest advice here on Regulated Broker. Sometimes we’ve been criticized for being too negative, but only because we think that too many “experts” focus only on the positives.

The truth is that we love Niue silver coins. Like any silver stacker, we can’t resist a shiny, silver coin with a colored pattern. Add a low mintage to that, along with a favor character of ours, and there’s just no way we’re going to say no.

In fact, we haven’t always needed that familiarity. One of the site’s writers isn’t a big fan of Disney, yet he bought all of the Disney Niue coins as soon as they were released. Those coins have taken pride of place in his collection, but when you ask him whether he made a good decision to buy, he shrugs his shoulders and changes the subject.

The truth is, there is just no way of telling how popular these coins will become. Supply and demand drives the price of these coins. The mintage also helps, as foes the quality. but the lowest mintage coin in the world won’t increase in value if no one wants to buy it. If you add big brands like Star Wars and Disney to a coin, then you’re increasing the chances of investors wanting it. But that doesn’t guarantee anything.

That brings us to a final question, one that all readers are asking us:

Should I Buy Niue Coins?

If you like the coin and are buying for yourself and not just your collection, go for it. If you’re buying purely because you hope it will increase in value, then be wary. The New Zealand Mint know what they’re doing. They create many editions of the same coins so that while each may have a low mintage, the collection has a very high mintage on the whole. They also package it neatly and promote it well, which pushes up the value.

In the end, you’re getting a $15 hunk of metal for anywhere up to $100. That means that if there is no demand, then you’ve just lost $85. And on the flip side, even if there is demand, it’s going to have to be considerable. After all, you probably doubted yourself when you paid 10 times over the odds for that piece of metal. But imagine what a future buyer will think when you offer the same piece of metal for 20x or 30x its value.

Pretty colors or not, that’s a big ask.

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