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Directory: Mints of the World

Most countries have their own mints, producing their own currency. There are also those that get their coins from other countries, but that typically only applies to smaller countries and ones controlled by others. This list contains all mints of the world, preceded by the name of the country they are in.

  • Austria — Austrian Mint AG
  • Australia — Royal Australian Mint & Perth Mint (a mint once owned by the Royal Mint, the Perth Mint is now one of the most respected in bullion and numismatic circles, producing the Lunar Series of coins, among others.)
  • Belgium — Royal Belgian Mint, Monnaie Royale de Belgique
  • Bermuda — Bermuda Monetary Authority
  • Brazil — Case Da Moeda Do Brasil
  • Bulgaria — Bulgarian National Bank
  • CanadaRoyal Canadian Mint (this is where the world famous Maple Leaf series of gold and silver coins are minted, very popular with collectors)
  • China — China Gold Coin & Central Mint of China
  • Croatia — Croatian Mint
  • Czech Republic — The Czech Mint
  • Cyprus — Central Bank of Cyprus
  • Denmark — Danmarks Nationalbank
  • Egypt — Central Bank of Egypt
  • Finland — The Mint of Finland
  • France — Monnaie de Paris (the Paris Mint)
  • Germany — Verkaufsstelle fur Sammlermunzen der Bundesrepublik
  • Great BritainThe Royal Mint (the oldest mint in the world, The Royal Mint also used to own the Royal Canadian Mint and the Perth Mint, and today it produces some of the most sought-after coins on the market)
  • Greece — The Bank of Greece
  • Iceland — Central Bank of Iceland
  • India — Alipore Mint Kolkata
  • Indonesia — Indonesian Security Printing & Minting Company
  • Ireland — Central Bank of Ireland
  • Israel — Israel Government Coins and Medals Corporation
  • Italy — Zecca di Stato
  • Japan — The Japan Mint
  • South Korea — Seoul Mint
  • Luxembourg — Caisse Generale de L’Etat
  • Malaysia — The Royal Mint of Malaysia
  • Mexico — Banco de Mexico
  • Netherlands — The Royal Dutch Mint
  • New ZealandThe New Zealand Mint (the New Zealand Mint produce coins for many smaller islands, including Fiji and Niue. They occasionally work with the Perth Mint to distribute to a wider range, which is what happened with their Disney series)
  • Norway — The Royal Norwegian Mint
  • Poland — Polish State Mint
  • Portugal — Casada da Moeda
  • Russia — Mezhnumizmatika
  • Singapore — The Singapore Mint
  • Slovakia — Banka Slovenije
  • South Africa — The South African Mint
  • Spain — The Spanish Royal Mint
  • Sweden — The Swedish Central Bank & The Swedish Mint
  • Switzerland — Banque Nationale Suisse
  • Thailand — The Royal Decorations and Coins Division
  • Turkey — The Turkish Mint
  • USAThe US Mint (the official mint of one of the biggest countries in the world, this is the source of the Silver Dollar and many other sought-after coins).
  • Vatican City — Filatelico e Numismatico

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