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JM Bullion Reviews: Expert Opinion

When you’re making up your mind of where you should invest, it helps to have expert opinions to decide whether you’re spending your money wisely. Take, for instance, JM Bullion, an online retailer based in Dallas, TX that supplies investors with precious metals (gold, silver, copper, platinum). Should you purchase coins and bullion from them? In this article, we’ll take a look at a number of JM Bullion Reviews from a number of websites out there so that you can form a solid opinion of whether you should invest with them.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Review

According to the Better Business Bureau, JM Bullion scores and A+ rating. Their customer base is also widely represented, with over 400 reviews (390 positive reviews) totaling to an astonishing 96% approval rating. There are very few negative reviews, as well, with most focusing on pricing, shipping, and their return policy. What is of particular interest to investors is that of the 14 negative review, the business directly responded to all of them to come to a public resolution to their grievances.

For more information, read the BBB’s full review here:

Consumer Affairs Review

Consumer Affairs reports that JM Bullion earns 4/5 stars. Most of the reviews are positive, citing excellent customer service, ease of transaction, low prices, and free shipping. Review

Offering an in-depth review of JM Bullion from 2012,’s review highlights a number of positive factors that make JM Bullion a solid company. They do mention that the inventory of JM Bullion is barebones, but after revisiting the website, it is clear that a number of changes have been made to their business model. For instance, their initial minimum amounts to purchase were $5,000 and only through bank wire; since then, JM Bullion has reduced this to as low as $100 and accepts nearly every form of payment. Review

This 2/5 review, compiled by John Taylor, paints a different picture of JM Bullion. He cites a number of positive factors, including no service charges, a wide selection of gold products, current and up-to-date pricing, and a price lock-in feature for their website. However, John cites that JM Bullion lacks a few services that other companies offer as a standard, including storage service and some issues with the quality of products that are being offered.

For more information, read the’s full review here:

Ripoff Report Review

Of all the JM Bullion reviews listed here, this may seem to be the least “expert” of them all, but it does illustrate how JM Bullion handles a particularly irate customer who had a shipping dispute. Apparently, a $15k purchase disappeared from their drop-off location. While the customer is clearly angry, it is interesting to find out how JM Bullion handles their disputes and comes to a particular resolution. Another interesting tidbit is that the owners of JM Bullion also own a number of gambling websites in addition to their precious metal ventures.

For more information, read the Ripoff Report’s full review here:

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