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Gold Dealers in London: Precious Metals in the UK

ATS Bullion

Establishment of the ATS Bullion was after the selling of the world’s oldest coin dealer Sprink by Christies. The running of the modern coin and bullion business previously done by Sprink was set to be taken over by the newly formed ATS Bullion. They are located at the Savoy Court building which is next to the Savoy Hotel. Their web address is:

They are members of the British Numismatic Trade Association (BNTA) which has a strict code of ethics to be adhered to by dealers who are accepted.

No commission is charged by ATS Bullion but their profit is made in the margin between the price of buying and selling.

How to buy gold from ATS Bullion

This can only be done in person or by phone.

Buying of gold from ATS is simple despite all this. You can go to their offices if you are in London and make the purchase of gold over the counter. The ATS Bullion office is open from Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm for trading. Payment is made by either cash or debit card. An ID needs to be shown when buying silver or gold over the counter.

Purchasing by post is also very easy. A price will be fixed by ATS Bullion over the phone for smaller purchases which you can pay by cheque or debit card. All payments by debit cards are subjected to security checks and are only sent to the card’s billing address. As soon as clearance of funds is done and your purchase is fully insured, ATS Bullion will send you the purchase by special delivery. Credit cards are not accepted by ATS Bullion due to the incurred merchant charges.

A person needs to supply ATS Bullion with a proof of their ID if you wish to buy £5000 worth of gold in a single transaction or if in the course of the year you want to buy £10000 worth of gold. Provision of identity proof is amust in compliance with UK’s HM Customs and legislation. No minimum amount is existent however and as little as 25 pound coin can be bought.

There no longer is any VAT on gold coins and bars investment.

Selling gold to ATS Bullion

The process here again is very simple. You can do this by either sending it by special delivery through the post office with a daytime number enclosed or take it to their offices with a form of identification. If the price is acceptable, ATS Bullion will telephone you upon receipt with an up to date price and send you a cheque by return. If for some reason you decide that you do not want to sell it anymore, the gold will be returned by ATS Bullion.


BullionVault is owned and operated by Galmarley Limited which is a company in Great Britain. Apart from, Galmarley also owns

No difference exists in the way of operation of Bullion and other gold bullion custodian services. The transparent service it runs lists the funds used in starting up the company and purchasing of the gold in bullion bars form which are stored.

How Does Bullion Vault Work

Simplified, operation of Bullion Vault is on the basis that the purchase and storage of the gold bullion will be done for a fee by Bullion Vault as the custodian. One needs to open a free account with Bullion Vault in order to use it. Note that this is actual gold buying and it will be in a vault run by Via Mat which is a professional vault operator for the bullion market that is independent.

Bullion Vault is a Via Mat customer while Via Mat is a Bullion Vault service provider. The two businesses’ management and capital are independent and separate of each other.

Via Mat is one of the largest secure transportation services and vault operators. They are widely operational in Europe and the Far East, North and South America. They dominate the business of transportation and physical assets custody in Switzerland which is their home country.

Care controls ensuring no other person can access and remove your gold are existent. Two sets of controls are available – Private and Public.

A two day notice must be given to Via Mat by Bullion Vault for any removal of bullion and publish a withdrawal is occurring on the Bullion Vault website. Every user of the Bullion Vault is able to see that it’s not their gold being withdrawn.

Checks by Via Mat are also in place. The executed storage agreement between Via Mat and Bullion Vault has an undertaken for abortion of the withdrawal process if the checks are not satisfied. 

The private controls are kept a secret. They require, among other things, checks for authorisation and acknowledgements by multiple people in various organisations which makes authorisation of withdrawal by a rogue employee impossible.


Goldline is Baird & Co Ltd.’s trading name. The establishment of Baird & Co was in 1967 as a numismatic coin dealer. The lift in government restrictions in the 1970s prompted Baird & Co to start the buying and selling of gold coins in volume. By 1975, the company was buying and selling for banks, coin dealers, stockbrokers, private clients, retail and wholesale and other volume traders in silver bullion and gold bullion coins.

By 1979 the company had moved into refining of precious metal and processing. Baird & Co went online with the advent of the internet in 1997 and their services reached a large number of retail, wholesale and private investors. The company launched their website selling investment bars and bullion coins online and supplying the daily London bullion fixing prices to private and industry clients.

Buy Gold from Goldline

Value Added tax (VAT) is not paid on gold and investment bars but is paid on silver coins.

Cheque and cash is acceptable for UK customers while credit cards are not accepted.

A period of 10 working days needs to be allowed before the dispatch of the gold bullion occurs. Cash will be accepted if it gets sent by registered post to the company’s address and the dispatch of the silver or gold bullion will be upon receipt.

All Goldline orders are subjected to Postage & Packing (it’s fully insured) and it gets invoiced with the order and the amount is dependent on the purchase. All gold coins or investment bars order requests are acknowledged and the stock status and method of payment advised by return.

For international customers, payments needs to be done in advance by sterling cash sent to them by mail that is registered or cheque drawn on a bank in London. All bullion gets dispatched to the individual via an international carrier or registered mail.

Sell Gold to Goldline

All investment products inclusive of coins, bars etc. will be repurchased by Baird & Co.

Precious metals can undergo processing and returned to clients as either in product or pure metal form or after processing they can be sold to Baird & Co.

Before sampling and assaying of metallic scrap, it’s melted in induction furnaces to achieve a homogenous consistency. For refining of gold, the miller process is used while silver undergoes electrolytic refining to achieve a full recovery of the metals in the scrap bullion.

With a team of production engineers of high skill working, the range of available products includes coin blanks, small gold bars, wire, sheet, wedding ring blanks and tubes. Maximum priority is given to flawless surfaces and dimensional accuracy.

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