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On Regulated Broker we do our best to provide as much information as we can across a range of subjects — all focusing on money. Still, as all of our content is heavily researched and as we only have half a dozen part-time writers or so, we’re limited to how much we can produce. If you want to keep informed away from this site (although we understand that we’re probably not the only website you have ever visited — probably) then we have listed our favourite websites below. Some of these are more worthy than others, but all of them are worth a visit.

Money Advice Service: Often abbreviated to MA, which you might recall was a buzzword used extensively in their incredibly cringeworthy adverts, the Money Advice Service is actually much more useful and professional than their odd adverts would make you believe. This is a money-orientated site, which just so happens to be our favourite subject. If you are looking for advice on investing, improving your finances and borrowing, then this is a great service. You can get help over the internet or via the phone, and there are some value tips on the website as well.

This is Money: Here is a site that may actually love money more than we do. I know that probably sounds hard to believe, but this is a huge site devoted to money. This is Money is part of the Mail Online group, which in turn is part of the Daily Mail. If that sounds like a bad thing then you’d be right, we can’t say that we’re big of this particular tabloid and its brand of “news” either, but This is Money is different. It has one of the best stocks & shares sections we have ever seen, updated regularly with the latest news and tips from the London Stock Exchange. It also has a list of the day’s best and worst performing stocks, along with one that details the most talked about and most active stocks. This is an all-inclusive way to keep track of everything to do with stocks, so much so that we’re almost afraid to tell you about it incase we never see you again! The only downside to This is Money are the tips. All of them jump 30% or so as soon as they are tipped, but few of them gain in the long-term. If you want tips, then avoid big sites like this, as the shares jump on the tip alone, which means you often buy at the top end of the market, and struggle to sell anywhere near that price.

Upwork: We work with many writers that are members of this website. It is a freelancing portal for those looking to work and for those seeking to find skilled people in several industries. This is not the biggest site out there, but it is our favourite and it beats the others hands down for many reasons. We discuss this site, and sites like it, on the Regulated Broker website, so check our list of articles to learn more.

Motley Fool: This site is focused on stocks and shares. It isn’t quite as well laid-out as This is Money, nor does it have as many features, but it does have a great deal more articles. It is also not part of the Mail Online group, which is always a plus, but it is a big letdown in other areas. The main one of these is that they have the tendency to spam the hell out of you. The website is pretty advert-free, but if you try to read an interesting article you will discover that it cuts off before it gets to the actual advice. It asks for your email address before allowing you to continue. It does promise to deliver something worthwhile, an e-book or some such nonsense, and it does allow you to continue reading after you give them your email, but be prepared to be bombarded after that. They seem to have special offers on every day, and are also keen on telling their subscribers about these offers everyday. You can unsubscribe, but we’re just too lazy.

Brush up on FX: Forex seems to be a buzzword at the moment, with stories of previously unemployed high-school dropouts making it big on the currency markets. In fact, a recent documentary in the United Kingdom focused on several “amateurs” who had made a lot of money in these markets. One of them was an ambitious young man who went from messing around on his computer in his parents’ bedroom, to owning a portfolio and bank account that amount to several millions. This inspired others to follow and as soon as the documentary ended they tried to do just that, before pausing to ask themselves, “What the hell is Forex anyway?”. We have covered this ourselves, but if you want a simple explanation that also delves a little deeper, then check out the Wikipedia page on it. Simply put, Forex, or FX, is a foreign exchange market where you deal in currencies, but as you might have guessed, it isn’t quite that simple.

Money Supermarket: This is one of the biggest money sites in the country, one that made its founder a lot of money and one that has been gracing our screens with annoyingly catchy advertisements for several years now. This is a comparison site that can help you to find the best deals on everything from insurance to credit cards and loans, but there is also a great forum with many knowledgeable members that chat about all aspects of life. The advice on this website is sound when it comes from the article writers themselves, but make sure you cherry-pick which advice you take on the forum, because whilst everyone sounds like they know what they are talking about (and probably think they know what they are talking about as well) many of them don’t have a clue. When money is concerned, especially where loans, mortgages and other big decisions are concerned, you need to be careful of taking advice from an idiot.

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