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Invest in Music (Opportunities and Stocks in Music Production)

There are many ways that you can invest in music, whether you are looking to profit from the future or to buy shares in music companies right now. If you love music and think that there are some exciting developments ahead, or you want to invest in certain bands or genres, then take a look at this music investment guide.

Buy Shares in Music Producers

You can invest in music producers to profit from their success in the industry. The problem is that many of the biggest and best ones have so many other things going on that music is just a drop in the ocean for them.

Take Sony Entertainment as an example. Yes they have music and yes they have many great artists on their books. But they also produce billion dollar films and video games, as well as all kinds of electronic equipment.

The same goes for many of the other big names, including Warner and Universal. This is an industry where the ones at the top are controlled by bigger and richer forces and the one at the bottom are not rich enough to be listed and when they are, they are often bought out by those big names.

Buying Shares in Other Music Companies

There are many companies that profit from the music industry as it is right now. These include tech companies that are trying to pave the way for the future of music, to radio stations, media companies and more. By choosing carefully and then buying shares in these music companies you can profit from the future of music, whatever future that might be.

Some of the companies that will allow you to do this include Pandora, SFX Entertainment and SiriusXM, but there are many more out there.

Other Ways to Invest in Music

You only need to look at the current resurgence of vinyl to see that there will always be a market for well-produced and packaged music, especially if it takes the buyers back to their childhood or their glory days. Vinyl offered a unique sound that the super-crisp modern digital mediums just couldn’t replicate and this, along with the fact that they were produced with quality artwork and offered an unmatched experience, is why their popularity returned.

If you have classic vinyls right now then they could be worth a lot more than you bought them for (see here). Another way to invest in music, as well as buying shares in the companies that profit from it, is to buy limited edition vinyls and other collectible formats, hoping that they will one day be worth a lot more money.

There is no guarantee, of course, but that’s what speculating is all about. Usually, if you choose right, making sure they are limited editions, produced in small numbers and with special artwork or extras, then the worse case scenario is that you will have something that will retain its value and allow you to get your money back.

You will also be able to enjoy it until that day comes. That’s not too bad, is it?

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