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BullionVault Review 2016: Buy and Sell Precious Metals

In recent years, the demand for precious metals has soared among the modern public as more and more people are bracing for a possible financial crisis in the future while others are simply cashing in on the rising prices of these precious metals. Many websites that sell and buy precious metals online have come out of the woodwork in an effort to quench this seemingly insatiable demand.

Although this is a good thing as many people are getting exposure to these so-called precious metals, there is a flipside to it all as the issue of trust comes in to question. With so many sites offering the same services in an extremely lucrative market, scammers are bound to emerge. It therefore becomes necessary to separate the wheat from the chaff when looking for a reliable precious metal trading platform- however, in the case of BullionVault (, there is no need to go through all this hassle as they have been already weighed and measured and found to be 100% genuine.

BullionVault is a well-designed, professional site owned and operated by Galmarley Ltd. The first thing you notice when you log into is the clutter-free design, easy to navigate menus/ interfaces and a lot of useful data. Taking a closer look at the site and actually using it only confirms this impression. BullionVault is a reliable precious metal trading platform with innovative ideas that keep it ahead of the game.

What makes BullionVault unique?

With so many competitors out there, BullionVault needed to offer investors something unique if it was going to grow out of the minor league that most precious metal trading platforms inhabit and be in a league of its own. So, BullionVault gave precious metal investors what precious metal investors needed most and what its competitors lacked- liquidity. Liquidity is a measure of how easy it is to convert an asset into liquid cash which can be used for making payments. 

Holding gold and silver is awesome, but for the typical investor who more often than not has only a small quantity of gold or silver, liquidity is a big problem. If you have a small quantity of gold or silver, let’s say six bullion bars and their market value suddenly skyrockets to $25,000 each, it doesn’t mean that you can immediately go out and buy something worth $150,000 using them.

The gold or silver bullions will be valuable, yes but they will also be illiquid so you can’t use them to pay for anything. You will be forced to first convert them to cash before you can be able to make any purchases. This becomes quite bothersome especially for small-time collectors and investors who don’t have easy access to the gold market where they can sell their gold.

This is where BullionVault comes in, by acting as both a market maker and exchange for gold and silver bullion. The company buys and sells bullion stored in its vaults and conducts transfer of ownership without transferring the actual metal. You can buy gold or silver bullion from BullionVault and have them store it for you in one of their vaults and after you have found a suitable buyer, BullionVault will make the exchange of ownership possible and deposit the payment for the gold or silver in your account. And even though you will pay some small fee for the whole process, it will definitely be worth it.

Moreover, you will be able to take advantage of any sudden rise or fall in gold or silver prices. You can sell your gold or silver bullion when the prices go up and buy when the prices drop so that you can sell when they rise again. Rest assured with BullionVault you won’t miss out on any profitable opportunities.

Professional Flexibility in Bullion Vault’s Operations

One important quality of a good business is that it doesn’t force its customers to adhere to a certain pattern of behaviour, but offers other logical options allowing you to handle your affairs in a flexible manner. 

BullionVault is good example of a business with professional flexibility. And even though they act mainly as an exchange allowing investors to buy and sell gold or silver without ever coming into physical contact with it, you always have the option of taking physical possession of your gold or silver bullion. BullionVault will deliver your gold or silver within 24hrs, no questions asked, once you have made a release request, after all the gold/silver is legally yours.

Suitable for All Kinds of Investors

A common problem with most major precious metals markets is that they don’t deal with small accounts and when we talk about “small” here we mean anything below $500,000 in gold or silver. This “minimum order” tag bars many investors from accessing liquidity for small quantities of gold or silver.

With BullionVault, however, this minimum tag does not exist as they deal with investors of all sizes. Whether you have an account loaded with precious metals worth hundreds of dollars or one consisting of millions of dollars’ worth of precious metals, you will receive the same instantaneous liquidity when you want to liquidate your holdings.

Furthermore BullionVault will also store any quantity of precious metals for their clients. You have the option of choosing between any of five vaults located in London, Zurich, Singapore, New York and Toronto.

Bullion Vault’s Blend of detail and breadth

BullionVault offers a unique blend of breadth and detail of services comprising of additional features designed to make your trading experience a memorable and pleasant one. Some of the highlights include:

A marketplace structure that enables investors to purchase and sell bullion directly from other investors, BullionVault only provides a platform that allows clients to set terms of sale and deal. Moreover, BullionVault operates on a 24/7 basis, so you can trade anytime.

BullionVault transactions can be conducted in either U.S. dollars, Euros or British Pounds Sterling offering more international convenience.

BullionVault charges an annual storage fee of 0.12% of value the stored bullion. This rate is by any standards quite low, let’s do the math- if you are storing $645,000 worth of precious metals, you will pay only $774 yearly for storage.

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