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CFD Trading and Affiliates BLACKLIST (Plus500 Warning and More)

We have worked with a number of CFD and Forex trading companies and affiliates over the years. We have witnessed the good, the bad and the downright atrocious and throughout that time we have tried to be as upfront and as honest with our readers as we can be.

After a recent change in the status of one of these companies, one which went from good to bad overnight, we decided that something needed to be done and traders/webmasters needed to be informed. So, rather than adding amendments to reviews and trying to keep pace with the ever-decreasing reliability of big-name companies and services, we decided to create this blacklist, which will get regular updates as these companies fall in and out of it.

We will retain the original reviews we had on these companies but will amend them with a blacklist notice so that readers can fully understand what they are getting themselves in for.

Best Company

FXPro: By far the best one we have worked with. We spent years as traders on this site and after having multiple issues with Plus500, we signed up to their affiliate program as well. No site has been as helpful or as competent as FXPro and they are and we highly recommend them.

Worst Company

Plus500: One of the most diabolical companies we have ever had the displeasure of being associated with. More details in our Plus500 blacklist below.


BullionVault: They have been telling users that if they don’t verify their accounts they will take money out every week until they do. This is atrocious behavior and it’s a tactic we have personally fallen victim to. They made an exception for us, but only it seems because of this website. The average user won’t get that treatment and that’s why this warning exists.

Plus500: Reviews from Bad to Acceptable to Atrocious

We have had a long relationship with Plus500. It didn’t start off on the best foot, but after they worked to make amends we happily forgave them. Over the years we had some emails from readers who expressed just how much they hated this company and advised us to stop promoting it, but we never had any issues ourselves so had nothing to draw upon.

That changed in December of 2017 when Plus500 Affiliates sent us a message to note that they were putting a halt on our account as part of procedure. It was nothing to worry about, they informed us, and it didn’t mean we had done anything wrong (we hadn’t) but still, we weren’t going to receive the money we earned for over 2 months. So much for the season of goodwill, right?

If you search for Plus Affiliates Review, you will see that RegulatedBroker operates two spots in the top five. We also operate many top spots for Plus500 reviews in general. As a result, we believe we are responsible for telling people the truth about this company and right now, that truth reads: STAY AWAY. We don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, but a company that clearly isn’t fair or just should not be the recipient of your hard earned money or time.

We will update this situation if and when it changes. We have retained the banner at the top of this site and the reviews as well, albeit with updates and warnings. This is because they asked us. To prove that we have nothing to hide and that they are the ones in the wrong, we are doing as they ask. Even though we would sooner recommend a dozen other services than theirs.

If you have any stories to tell, then please get in touch using our contact form. We know that not every webmaster or user has a platform like this to voice their discontent, so we’re opening it up to you and giving you the opportunity.

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