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Best Binary Options Forums in the UK

Best Binary Options Forums in the UK

Regardless of what you’re into, it also helps to have someone who is into the same thing to talk to. This is why traders, gamers, gamblers and more gather on message boards, FaceBook groups and in real life. Message boards are one of the most accessible places for this, at least as far as we are concerned. They are impersonal, yet they are packed full of people who have the same interests as you and are devoted to discussing that interest at length.

Message boards are crucial when it comes to learning about Binary Options. Even if you like to think that you know your stuff, you still need to stay up to date with the markets, with the latest news and with the newest brokers. You won’t make it as a trader unless you stay in touch with these things, and message boards are a great way of doing that. In this article we will look at the best message boards/forums for those seeking to learn more about, and discuss Binary Options in the United Kingdom.

Binary Options That Suck Forum

Binary Options that Suck is a big forum and one that puts a unique spin on Binary Options, the platforms that offer them and the people that trade in them. This is a friendly community where anything goes, based upon the notion that even the best brokers and the best traders suck sometimes, which is true. There is plenty going on here and the beauty of Binary Options That Suck is that this is one of those forums where a question never needs to wait for longer than an hour to get a reply. Threads get old fast here, as they get a lot of posts and are then forgotten about, before the community’s attention moves to something new. Therefore, to be an active member here and one that remains in touch with the latest goings-on, you need to drop-in regularly.

Binary Trading Forum

Binary Trading Forum is a relatively small but active forum, perfect for those who dislike the bigger communities, where it is difficult to establish an identity and friendships. If all you want is to have a few questions answered then you might be better off elsewhere, where such questions can be answered by a flood of helpful members. If, however, you are seeking to chat with a small community, making friends who share your interests, then the Binary Trading Forum could be just what you are looking for. There are many sections on this website, including an “Introduction” section for new members seeking to introduce themselves; a “Platform” section where members can discuss the best and worst Binary Option platforms; and a “Scam” forum, where all of the platforms and schemes that you should avoid at all costs are listed. The major platforms also have their own section, including Top Option, a favourite of Regulated Broker that is the most active section of any of the platform categories.

Binary Options Edge

Binary Options Edge is another relatively small community, there is much less going on here than on the other forums listed on this article, but it’s still a worthwhile community and one that can get a lot of your questions answered. The sections on the Binary Options Edge community are also a little more varied, as they discuss more than just the latest news concerning the best and worst assets, and the best and worst brokers. At Binary Options Edge you will also find sections such as Market Tips and Tricks, which can help you get some inside information and some crucial market tips; Charting, where the many different charting options are discussed at length; Signals, where free Binary Options signals are posted for the community to make use of; and more. There is also an entire section devoted to Binary Options Strategies, where members of the Binary Options Edge community discuss their favourite strategies, the ones that have worked for them, the ones that have earned them a consistent profit over the years.

Binary Options.Net

Binary Options Forums in the UK This website uses the VB Bulletin script, which we think is by far the best forum script available. It is easy on the eye, easy to navigate and much more streamlined than many other forums, which can often look messy and cluttered. This is a relatively small forum and one that is available for international Binary Option traders, not just those in the United Kingdom. Still, Binary Options are standard across the board, we all trade in similar assets, currencies and commodities, so there is no lost in translation moments here. This forum is relatively small and attached to a Binary Options trader that we don’t rate very highly, but still, the forum itself is useful and there are many very knowledgable members here that can help and can offer some great tips and advice.

Binary Options Pimp

Binary Options Chat

Binary Options Pimp is growing everyday and one that is creating a very friendly and interesting member base. At the time of writing there are around 3,500 members, contributing to less than 1,000 threads, but with daily activity, this is likely to increase even before this article goes out. If you’re looking to get in on the ground floor, so to speak, establishing yourself early and going on to become an elder of the community that everyone respects and no one remembers a time when they weren’t there (if you have ever used a forum then you will have certainly encountered these types) then this is a great time to join Binary Options Pimp. We are not members ourselves, but we have heard about this forum from friends who were members when it went by a different name (before its transformation and rebirth) and the reviews have been positive all round.

Other Top Binary Options Forums in the UK

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, FaceBook groups can also be a decent way to connect, and there is no shortage of those available. Just use the FaceBook search facility to find one near you. We tend to stay away from these as we find that there is a lot of bitchiness, for want of a better word. FaceBook tends to create this attitude in general, which is why we stick to message boards.

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