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Why Finexo is the Best Forex Trading Platform

The forex brokerage industry of today is one of the busiest, most active and highly lucrative of its kind. Founded in 2003 by elite individuals from a variety of fields such as banking, software engineering and hedge fund trading, Finexo has since inception been a firm to watch out for in regard to the forex market. Their top notch brokerage services has seen them rise in the ranks to become one of the firms with a loyal following by a number of investors all over the world.  Considering the fact that this is one of the relatively young firms in the industry of forex brokerage Finexo has been a sure way to go about in the business.

March 2010 saw this firm merge with SafeCap investments which prompted them to no longer accept U.S, Canada and Japan based clients. Worth noting is that SafeCap is a financially reputable company regulated by FCA, CySec (Cyprus Securities and Investments Commission) among other organizations.

Finexo features 4 trading accounts with their clients;

  • The Mini account
  • The VIP account
  • The Standard account and
  • Demo account (it is made available on request),
  • It also features 3 trading platforms among many other features, they are;
  • MetaTrader4 (MT4)
  • MT4 Mobile Trader and
  • WebTrader

Many a times the question as to why Finexo is the best trading platform has been debated. The following are the main reasons why Finexo among all other forex brokerage forms has been able to stand out as the best forex trading platform;


When picking a forex brokerage firm one of the very first things that traders look out for is if the said firm is trustworthy. Trust between the traders and the firm goes a long way in ensuring that a smooth relationship between the two respective parties exists. That being said it’s worth noting that Finexo as a company is fully licensed and regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) which is the body ensuring that CIF’s(Cypriot Investiment Firms) adhere to the set guidelines.


Finexo can be regarded as the paragon of forex trading. This is due to its professionalism which is unmatched by any in the forex brokerage business when dealing with its clients. It is worth noting that in the forex market today a lot of people get duped by scammers and they end up losing a lot of money in the process.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Payment and withdrawal options are key to gaining loyalty from traders. Tricky or cumbersome methods of withdrawal or payment has seen many firms loosing many customers which affects the firms as a whole. This is as to why Finexo as a company has ensured that a variety of withdrawal and payment options are available to the traders to pick from. Deposits made by Visa, Mastercard and Diners are acceptable. Wire transfer deposits incur charges only imposed by the respective banks. Paypal deposits are subject to terms and conditins provided by paypal. Credit cards, Money bookers and liberty deposits are credited free of charges. Generally speaking Finexo has always been very transparent in its withdrawals and this has creates a good reputation with traders.

Welcome Bonuses

Finexo has succeeded in getting more and more clients each day due to the fact that they offer welcome bonuses to all its new clients. This has seen more people join the Finexo bandwagon.

Customer Support

Many traders have been faced with challenges minor or major when doing transactions among other trade activities. Finexo has an excellent customer support service that ensures that the customers leave only after being served to satisfactorily. When a firm such as Finexo has good customer care this goes a long way in ensuring they have a good relationship with their clients.

Forex News Updates

Finexo offers its clients access to the latest forex news and the trade signal which is pivotal in the forex brokerage industry as it is all the time influenced by emerging trends. This among other things has left very satisfied customers.

Trading Platforms

Finexo offers its clients a variety of trading platforms to choose from they include; the MetaTrade4 (MT4), WebTrader and the MT4 Mobile Trader.


The number of years that a forex broker has operated is so pivotal today in determining which the best to invest with is. A number of brokerage firms have fallen apart only after 2 years of operations or even a year which leaves a lot of investors incurring loses. That said Finexo has operated now for 12 years which is a sure sign that the company is not going to collapse after all. This is a good reputation.

Private Dealers

At Finexo holders of the VIP and Platinum accounts are offered private dealers. This has seen many clients acquiring this accounts and many more others joining the Finexo bandwagon.

Trading Instruments

The wide range of trading instruments offered by Finexo has left many satisfied because they are not limited as they are free to choose from the variety that is made available. They include the Commodities, Contracts for difference, and the FX spot.

Trading Accounts

Finexo offers the traders 4 trading accounts and a demo account which new clients can use to train themselves and affirm themselves with. This is highly appreciated by the clientele.

Client Education

Many customers generally do not have the knowledge on how the forex market works. If such clients are left to go about trading without a knowledge of the pros and cons of the whole brokerage entity they are bound sooner or later to incur heavy loses which might discourage them from ever trading again. Finexo offers its clientele free education on the forex market which makes it easier for them to make informed decisions as they trade.

Market Analysis

Finexo leads in offering market analysis for its clients which is very welcome by its customers.

Webinars and Seminars

Holders of VIP and platinum accounts at Finexo are offered invites to live webinars and seminars.

Forex Auto Trading and Expert Advisors

Finally Finexo offers via its MT4 Trading platform forex auto trading and expert advisors to its customers.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to choosing the best Forex broker, a trader has to make a wise and informed decision. And as of now, the only wise and informed decision is Finexo.

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