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Right. Where do we begin? We are not your typical site, and we don’t really fit into any one genre. If you go from our name only then you might think that we deal entirely with trading, options, stocks — the sort of thing that is very unlikely to raise enthusiasm when mentioned at a party, but may clear the room. This is very much a specialised industry and one that excites the minority and bores the majority, but only, we believe, because the majority have yet to experience this world for themselves. It is a world of jargon, of numbers and confusion. When you add in many horror stories to the mix, with people losing everything overnight and topping themselves in dramatic style, you have an intimidating industry that many newbies are almost scared to get involved with.

At Regulated Broker you could say that our main goal, or at least one of them, is to bring these topics to the wider market, to make them less intimidating and to get more people involved. It’s a big ask, we know, but we have a unique approach. Rather than focusing on writers that know it all, we have hired ones that are only just getting involved themselves, ones that don’t use any jargon, and know just a bit more than the average lay person does. This means that they are the best placed to explain things to those who know absolutely nothing. We don’t just limit ourselves to those writers though as Regulated Broker is also staffed by traders with years and years of experience. That means that once you learn the basics from the basic traders, you can advance onto the next stages. Our experienced writers can help you to make the best trades, giving tips on the best stocks and shares, along with the perfect time to invest in commodities, options and more.

That’s not to say that to read the Regulated Broker website you have to get through the basic articles first. Everything is here for everyone to read. You know your own level of expertise better than anyone, so check out out article list and jump straight in. Regulated Broker is updated regularly and we have big ambitions, so if you like what you see and want more, just give our writers a little time. There are plenty of them and all are working furiously to research and write the bets articles for you to read.

That all definitely sounds like it’s one genre, right? Well, that’s where Regulated Broker gets complicated, because we are much more than that. Our main focus is not on trading, but on money, the goal of trading. No one likes to admit to loving money in this day and age, and there is an old saying that money can’t buy you happiness, to which we like to say that although it can not buy you happiness, it can buy you lots of things — lots of holidays, cars, houses and more — and all of those things do lead to happiness. That sounds shallow, and we’re probably deeper than that (probably) but as far as this site is concerned, it’s all about the money. If there is something to say about money, something to spend money on or some way of getting money, then we’re all for it.

We’re also obsessed with easy money, which is very hard to come by. It does exist though, it just might not be as easy as you think. We make it our goal to find the get-rich-quick schemes that actually work, although the ones that actually do work tend to loosely define the terms “rich” and “quick”. There are ways of making money from the comfort of your own home, as so many cheap and spammy ads have promised, and we ask look into as may of these as we can. We’re not going to recommend that you join a pyramid scheme, so don’t worry — in fact we do our best to debunk as many of these schemes as we can. We will show you how, with a bit of work and dedication, you can make money from everything from blogging to social media, websites and more.

As far as our writers are concerned, none work exclusively for Regulated Broker, but the content they create is 100% exclusive. We make sure of it. It is also well-researched and as accurate as can be. As mentioned above, we try to get a mixture of experience, with those who know a little and those who know everything, but every now and then we also ask a guest writer to drop in, helping us with specialist topics such as freelancing, gambling, poker, etc., All of the content is published under the Regulated Broker name, but rest assure that many great minds have combined to create the scores of articles listed on this website under that name.

So there you have it. A mix of everything to do with money. Regulated Broker is not any one thing, but it does have one thing in mind: money. If you don’t love money as much as we do, then you may well do by the time you have finished browsing this website.

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